Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music, Yoga and Spiritual Practice

We all know that we love music, and especially music that supports our yoga practice. But what is it about music that makes us love it so much?

I wonder this myself as I think of the playlists I create to support yoga classes I teach in Portland, and I also wonder why I am drawn to compose and record yoga music myself. How does music fit into a spiritual practice?

I asked myself this question and am still asking it, because in my spiritual practice and yoga practice, there is an emphasis on quieting the mind. It is the almost incessant chattering of the mind that distracts us so and prevents us from seeing our true selves, according to current and traditional non-dual teachings. And the Yoga Sutra, verse 2, states, “Yoga is the cessation of mental modifications.” The translation of this sutra might vary a bit, but the basic meaning is the same: quieting the mind and its preoccupations with past injuries, future calamities, and creation of a false identity, will allow our real nature to shine forth. Our own experiences meditating, in reverie, in moments of stillness and during Shavasana bear this out.

So how can music, or sound for that matter, help us to quiet the mind? This is the question I plan to answer or explore in my next few entries, so please stay tuned and check back. Meanwhile, you can explore my website,, to sample yoga music, find books and apparel for yoga, plus more.



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