Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roop Verma: Music for Yoga ~ Morning

This CD provides 65 minutes of uninterrupted gently flowing sounds of sitar and bass tamboura in a morning raga which invokes the mood of spiritual awakening and draws our awareness to the sacred within. These sounds have an integrating quality for the body and mind, and hence are most conducive for hatha yoga practice. Also suitable for meditation, deep relaxation, or body work.

The music has a slow and gradual build up for easing into yoga practice. It continues at a steady pace until the end when it gradually slows down to enhance deep relaxation.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Tribe: Deep Buddha

Deep Buddha features original vocals, percussion, flutes and other indigenous instruments recorded by the band in monasteries, temples, streets and villages in Kathmandu, Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan foothills, crafted into sensuous and infectious melodies and beats.

Traveling halfway around the world to a undeveloped land requires months of research and preparation. Unable to set up sessions in advance, the band had to find their way to the music, past the suspicion that all Westerners face when attempting to capture the sacred music and culture that is Nepal. Armed with field recording equipment and pair of stereo microphones the band took up residence at the Hotel Ganesh Himal in the heart of Kathmandu. From home base the band adventured into the Himalayas and into the surrounding villages, guided by veteran wilderness guide, National Geographic photographer and extreme mountaineer Gordon Wiltsie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tina Malia: The Lost Frontier

Weaving flavors of pop, world & electronic music with lush storytelling, the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist & producer Tina Malia releases a breathtaking new album, “The Lost Frontier.”

"The title track sets up the entire album 'The Lost Frontier' because it highlights the cyclical nature of our existence and the far extremes that lie within it. The wheel is merely an observer as we move through revolutions of creation and decay, hope and despair, beauty and destruction. 'The Lost Frontier' is about acknowledging and understanding these different aspects in life and remembering that we have the power to choose what we do with that knowledge," says Malia.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mata Mandir Singh: Turn of Age

Internationally renowned artist Mata Mandir Singh has dedicated over three decades to exploring devotional music. His extraordinary emotive and soul-stirring voice is enhanced with his deep understanding of naad yoga, kirtan, guitar, gatka, and musical composition.

Mata Mandir Singh has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Naad Yoga – the yoga of sound. A skilful guitar, mandolin and cittern player, he is a pioneer of the yoga music genre, having recorded more than 28 CDs and cassette tapes since the late 1970’s.

Turn of the Age is perfect for any listener looking for centering, states of awareness, creative enhancement, meditation, yoga, bodywork, and deep listening.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Amritakripa: Dancing Lotus

Amritakripa sings from the heart bringing the listener into sweet presence.

This is an offering which grew out of its name Dancing Lotus. Reaching down into the dark unknown of the self we found nourishment in the many elements of our own devotional practice. A love of ritual and dance, unexpected textures, ambiance, tribal drumming and percussion, interesting melodies and harmony are some of the threads that comprise the colorful tapestry of this CD.