Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Tribe: Deep Buddha

Deep Buddha features original vocals, percussion, flutes and other indigenous instruments recorded by the band in monasteries, temples, streets and villages in Kathmandu, Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan foothills, crafted into sensuous and infectious melodies and beats.

Traveling halfway around the world to a undeveloped land requires months of research and preparation. Unable to set up sessions in advance, the band had to find their way to the music, past the suspicion that all Westerners face when attempting to capture the sacred music and culture that is Nepal. Armed with field recording equipment and pair of stereo microphones the band took up residence at the Hotel Ganesh Himal in the heart of Kathmandu. From home base the band adventured into the Himalayas and into the surrounding villages, guided by veteran wilderness guide, National Geographic photographer and extreme mountaineer Gordon Wiltsie.

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