Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roop Verma: Music for Yoga ~ Morning

This CD provides 65 minutes of uninterrupted gently flowing sounds of sitar and bass tamboura in a morning raga which invokes the mood of spiritual awakening and draws our awareness to the sacred within. These sounds have an integrating quality for the body and mind, and hence are most conducive for hatha yoga practice. Also suitable for meditation, deep relaxation, or body work.

The music has a slow and gradual build up for easing into yoga practice. It continues at a steady pace until the end when it gradually slows down to enhance deep relaxation.

Musical sounds have a natural harmony between them. When combined in a specific manner, they have a dynamic and astounding effect in balancing the energies of the body. Therefore, the arrangement of tones for different times of day, night and seasons, and how they relate with the changing states of body chemistry, are integral components of this music.

The sound forms recorded in this album have been derived from the music of ancient India. They are arranged to help yoga practitioners connect with and become aware of their bodies at the deepest levels. Above all, these sounds promote our perception of the greater harmony among all things and open the door to a deeper level of physical and spiritual awareness and transformation.

This music is based on an ancient natural scale principle of ‘just intonation’ derived from the harmonic series.

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