Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EarthRise Warrior Flow Instructional Yoga Sequence by Derek Beres

The setting for this DVD, which is muted and minimal, makes it immediately clear that EarthRise Warrior Flow by Derek Beres, featuring EarthRise SoundSystem’s ‘The Yoga Sessions’, is not about beautiful and exotic locations. It's all about the music and the flow.

This open level yoga practice is jam-packed with poses and offers sophisticated sequencing that any flow-based yoga instructor looking for inspiration will love. Each of the twelve mixes on the disc has a specific focus or theme whether it’s a series of twists and hip openers all starting from downward facing dog in Desh Nayad, combination of standing and forearm balances in Rama, or a very fluid and freeing backbend mix in Daylight As Sunset. Be forewarned, however, that the floor work in Makyen Ghrir Allah is far more difficult than Sasha Dmochowski makes it look.

EarthRise Warrior Flow is a stellar DVD, but with such a wide range of poses and mixes it shouldn’t be considered a single yoga class, but rather a collection of intelligent vinyasa mini-sequences that make sense for the body. With so many nuanced modifications of poses worth exploring, even the most experienced practitioner will come back again and again.

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Review by Tricia Sletten-

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