Thursday, March 1, 2012

Important Information about iOS devices

Some of you may be wondering: "Why can't I purchase and download music from YogiTunes directly from my favorite iOS device?"

iPads, iPhones and iPods are all made so that you can only buy music through the iTunes store. Apple wants it that way, so that you shop with them and not the competition.

In order to enjoy YogiTunes music on your Apple Mobile Device, you'll need to first download it to a computer, import it into iTunes, and then sync iTunes with your favorite device.

We have an excellent video tutorial on how to do this here:

You'll want to watch "How to Make an iTunes Playlist"

For us to develop iOS support would mean putting a fair amount of time, energy and money into some kind of app that at the end of the day wouldn't allow us to sell music. It's for this reason that we've held off on developing any kind of iOS support. As for the future, we do have plans to develop a streaming service, a la YogiTunes Radio. This would allow people to subscribe for a monthly fee and stream music to any device using an app. Long story short - we're on it. We want you to be able to enjoy music on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod - but thanks to Apple, it's not all that simple. I personally am a big Apple fan, but also have to face to reality of doing business in a competitive world.

With your patience, support and love we'll get there... until then - we hope you continue to find quick and easy ways to get music onto your mobile device, so you can move and groove to the sounds of YogiTunes!


Alex King-Harris
CEO/Co-Founder YogiTunes

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