Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mix Your Own Playlists Like the Pros!

Ever had the feeling when listening to your yoga music, or preparing a yoga playlist for class, that you wanted to be a DJ but weren't sure how to do it?  Maybe you love making playlists and wish you had a bit more freedom to end songs early, combine two songs for a long period of time and in doing so create a seamless flow?

Thankfully software engineers have been busily creating a variety of easy DJ tools for beginners that integrate with iTunes.

For mac users, there's DJay - a very affordable, easy to learn, flexible DJ platform that allows you to do all kinds of fun things. http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-mac

For PC and Mac users there's also Mixx: http://www.djmixersoft.com/

If you google 'easy dj software' you'll get a host of links come back at you, many with free trial offers so you can check them out.  In general, go with software that looks elegant, and simple. There's no need as a beginner to have a piece of software that looks like the cockpit of a 747.  2 decks, a crossfader, some EQ on each deck and a big red record button will have you mixing like a pro in no time.

Tools like this focus on ease of use and integration with iTunes, so that you can quickly access your downloaded music and instantly begin enjoying being "in the mix".

The free teacher resources we've been offering come in really handy once you begin your career as a yoga DJ.  Long nature recordings and ambient drones can be layered onto existing songs, used as intros, outros, bridges between songs, and overall are excellent tools for getting the most out of your playlists.

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