Sunday, October 6, 2013

Music Healing: An Interview with Steve Gold

As a part of our ongoing interview series, YogiTunes founder Alex King-Harris recently spoke with Steve Gold about the health & wellness benefits of music.

Does music contribute your overall health and well being? If so, how?

Steve: As an artist, music is the meaning of my life. It calms my nerves while nourishing my soul. It excites my spirit and recharges me with hope. It is also the foundation of my life’s purpose and the bridge that proceeds me into the global communities that support my work. The connection and love I receive through music is the best medicine.
Can you speak to any experiences you've had where your music has promoted a sense wellness in others?

Steve: I feel honored and humbled to have received many testimonials from people that have shared their healing experiences with me that have resulted from listening to my music. Mostly to help them through difficult life transitions, including birth and death. Also, a friend recently sent me an article written by a cardiologist that explains the fact that listening to joyful music while exercising improves artery function, lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. A recommended song list is included in the article and my rendition of There Is So Much Magnificence is in the top 10 joyful healing songs. I hope the song reaches and heals a lot of aching hearts.
Can you remember a time you experienced a profound moment of healing through music?

Steve: Yes, many times. One of the most heart-rending was when I sang for a close friend at her death bed. We breathed and sang while gazing into each other’s eyes. We knew it was the last time we’d share together and that experience opened us both up to deeper feelings of gratitude and love for each other. In that moment we were altogether healed, resigned and transformed.
What qualities do you feel need to be present in music for it to inspire wellness in the listener?

Steve: In my opinion, deep healing is a result of deeper listening. The healing transmission in music is simply a form of sympathetic resonance that is generated by a musician that is tuned into the wonderful and resounding frequencies that are available to everyone. In order to deliver the transmission, I believe that the maker of the music must be a very good listener and that quality comes by way of being innately sensitive to the needs of others. It is then up to the receiver of the music to be open to the possibility of healing.
Was there anyone, anything or any experiences in particular you've had that impact how you choose to express yourself musically?

Steve: Absolutely! When I was in my youth a friend introduced me to Malcolm McLaren. Malcolm was not only the manager of the Sex Pistols, but he had literally created new music genres and fashion. He was a master of innovation, fusing styles like folk with hip hop or opera with rap and dance beats. Malcolm made me my first cassette tape of legendary bluesmen like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Malcolm and I worked together for 2 years and he encouraged me to listen and learn from these giants by saying, “You’ve got to get your roots boy ~ steal from the best.” I’ve since spent many years soaking up the best American roots music. I know I may never be one of the greatest blues artists because I don’t suffer the blues, but I do have a lot of respect for the wonderful influences that inform my own unique expression. After recording my second full length CD, Let Your Heart Be Known I realized that unconsciously I had employed Malcolm’s method by fusing Americana, folk and blues with Sanskrit mantras. It was like I’d somehow taken the best of the sacred and profane and made them work together.

Do you have any special events coming up you'd like to share?

Steve: I am facilitating two events at Deepka Chopra's Seduction of Spirit 'Music & Meditation' Immersion at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. November 4 - 10. One will be a Highly Spirited Live Music Performance and the other is a guided music meditation that I call 'Journeying Om' in which we explore the meaning of this most sacred mantra through singing as a group. This is my second year as a presenter at this amazing event and what I love most is witnessing everyone in a state of presence and openness. It is WONDERFUL!

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More about Steve Gold:

Steve Gold is a down to earth, soulful singer and teacher. He creates powerful music for conscious living, broadcasting vibrations straight from the heart. His positive message of self love, self fulfillment, and personal accountability heals and inspires. Steve’s practice of more than 25 years combines his passion for singing, songwriting, yoga and metaphysics. Steve travels the world teaching Mantras for Manifestation and Voice of Magnificence workshops and performing at festivals, conferences, and retreats.

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