Friday, December 20, 2013

Akal Dub's Lotus Sessions Vol 1 & 2

After an inspiring conversation with Yogi Tunes CEO Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis) about the merging of yoga and music we began pioneering the idea to create a yoga class that was focused on music.

The intention was to allow students to deepen their personal practice without distraction while still staying current with musical trends. It quickly became obvious that it wasn't inspiring to throw together a playlist and call it good, so we set out to literally co-create the soundscapes to the classes based on the the energy that the students would be bringing into the room.

When yoga instructor Kia Miller heard of the idea she quickly advised that it would be a great opportunity to focus on one chakra of the body each week and play to the musical key signature that resonates with it. This is one of the most exciting, inspirational, and eye opening projects to ever be created.

Lotus Session Volume 1 and 2 focus on resonating and healing the 1st. And 2nd chakras. This is where we store information on our connection to earth and others around us. When it out of balance it can often create a feeling of helplessness in relation to money, support, belonging, and often feels like we have no resources to feel we can accomplish what is expected of us.

This session was crafted live on the spot and completely unrehearsed. Utilizing live looping of voices, guitars, flute and supported with interchangeable midi notation information, we were able to craft and improvise the soundscapes, drums, and electronic instruments to flow with sequences of Kia's Wednesday night Hatha class. The power of modern technology has allowed us to create changes with all the elements almost instantaneously. In addition synthetic loops created during the ambrosial hours each morning before the class are ready to be launched for an extra bonus of vibrational nectar. The flexibility of Ableton Live 9 and software synths is comparable to having an entire orchestra at your fingertips that will do anything and everything you tell it to on the fly.

This is truly a unique event that must be experienced in person to understand the effect you have during your own practice. Can you imagine what it would be like to have someone channel your energy whether positive or negative and put into a piece of art that you can take home and listen to forever?

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