Saturday, August 4, 2012

Deep Beats of Joy: Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell has been practicing movement arts since she was 6 years old. She came to yoga to renew her spirit after years of dealing with a particularly aggresive case of Crohn’s disease. The practice not only helped her to heal the physical wounds of Crohn’s but also allowed her to deal with another looming issue in her life…her shame and residual self loathing from an eating disorder that had nearly killed her a year before. While the physical manifestation of the disorder were under control the emotional trauma was still alive and well. Yoga helped Jennifer to see through the darkness and empower her mind as well as her body toward healing. In the years to come returning to the mat in times of inner and outer turmoil has been a sanctuary for Jennifer.

When Jennifer decided to take her practice off her own mat and into the community she did so under the skilled and graceful guidance of Jill Sockman 500RYT, owner of Blue Lotus yoga studio in downtown Raleigh. Jill's teachings both on the mat and outside the sacred space of the studio have helped her to tap in to what living a purposeful life truly is. Other teacher of influence include: Carrington Jackson, Heather Tiddens, Warren Grossman, and Kristen Cooper-Gulak. She is additionally inspired by the leaders of Off the Mat Into the World including Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling who have helped her to create context around using yoga for activism and service.

Jennifer teaches an active yet introspective Vinyasa flow. Her styling is styling is a versatile mix of fluid yet powerful vinyasa with flare. She challenges students through the mind-body connection but still keeps the practice fun! Students leave her classes feeling rejuvenated and balanced. Join her to build heat in the body, lubricate the joints, work with muscular energy and liberate the soul.

Jennifer's blog is Cafe Ganesha, Filled with music, yoga flows, musings on yoga and life and much more. Go there when you want to lay it all down and refill your cup:  

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