Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yoga Becomes Eclectic: by Micheline Berry

Yoga is not just a path of asana and alignment… it is a path of living life as a vibrant, breathing, ever-evolving art.

As both a teacher and artist, Micheline Berry’s work is renowned for catalyzing healing and transformation through a cohesive fusion of vinyasa flow yoga, world beat music, somatic dance, indigenous ritual and multimedia art, within contexts of both urban and exotic natural environments.

As a pioneer in the art of integrating live world music with traditional yoga sadhana, her Prana Flow™ yoga classes & trainingsare often accompanied by a live ensemble or DJ to guide you deeper into the flow. Her workshops, retreats and Prana Flow™ teacher trainings empower, deeply rejuvenate and creatively inspire, with a focus on embodying your own creative potential (shaktiprana) and allowing it to thrive and take shape in the world.

She is the Founder of Zen Dancing® and the Creative Director/Co-Founder of the world music ensemble Shaman's Dream World Groove Ensemble and has produced and facilitated over 500 ritual world music concerts, dance performances and multi-media events. Also an award-winning filmmaker, she has produced and directed over 15 instructional yoga and dance DVD’s including her own Liquid Asana Yoga series & Billy Asad’s/Yoga Works Sports Yoga Series.

Based at Exhale in Venice, CA, Micheline leads Prana Flow® certified teacher trainings, yoga workshops & retreats internationally, including her 2nd home Brazil.

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