Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Bhajans: The Bhajans

The Bhajans is a devotional singing ensemble from Orcas Island, Wa., fronted by Fabrice Van Putten and Adam Starr Farish, and accompanied by Khadoma Colomby, Kevin Dickey, Jyoti Pavitt, and Emily Aring. The intention: To inspire a deeper sense of connection to the divine through the singing of timeless spiritually centered hymns from various cultures around the world. Our offering is designed to inspire you to join in... infused with a soothing groove and an infectious dose of "whomp."

The word "Bhajan" refers to any kind of devotional singing. The term encompasses Kirtan, Mantra, chanting, and many other forms of devotional voice. We sing because it makes us feel good. We harmonize because it reminds us that we are one. We laugh because it brings joy to parts of our bodies that need it. We rock The Bhajans 'cause we want to take it higher.

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