Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Craig Kohland: Shaman's Dream/YogiTunes

Meet another of our co-founders: Craig Kohland, who has also been at the core of many well loved releases in the yoga and dance communities. The driving force inside Craig Kohland is the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. He is a talented multi-percussionist, performer, DJ, music producer and founder of Shamans Dream Music, Inc.

Craig and his multi-faceted musical project, The Shaman's Dream Music Collective, has been at the forefront of the yoga and ecstatic dance music movement since 1995. Along with producers Rara Avis and Amani Friend, Craig has produced 25 albums in the last 15 years. Craig has also performed with Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, Donna Delory, Suzanne Sterling, Tina Malia, Jaya Lakshmi, Bluetech and Chris Berry. Craig's team of producers have produced remix projects for Jai Uttal, Deva Premal, Donna Delory, Karsh Kale and many others.

In the Shamanic Journey Mix release he deftly weaves a DJ journey that draws you in and takes you deep. Perfect for a yoga flow, or a chillout session with your peeps. It Draws from both Shaman’s Dream and Desert Dwellers material, blended into a seamless mix.

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