Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amani Friend: Desert Dwellers/YogiTunes

Meet our final our co-founder. Amani has been BLAZING a path in sonic chemistry since his early years on this planet. His ears are tuned to exotic frequencies that live between the spaces and behind the mysteries. A key innovator in the collaborative project known as Desert Dwellers, the creator of Liquid Bloom, and a historic participant in Shaman’s Dream, he’s been an amazing influence in the world of Healing Music.

He just released Anahata Yoga Dub as a Desert Dwellers album and now follows right up with Dragon Dub Yoga Flow. A 70 minute journey great for just about any style of yogic practice.

It tastefully weaves soundscapes that immerse the listener in a journey to inner spaces and otherworldly sonic dimensions. He is a pioneering electronic music producer in the realms of electronic, dub and world fusion, having spent the past 24 years exploring where these dynamic styles of music co-exist. As the primary creative force behind the Desert Dwellers music catalog, Amani has produced six albums for White Swan Records in a series called DownTemple Dub. His latest offering in 2012 is called DownTemple Dub: Remixed, drawing on an amazing network of cutting edge ethnic-dub music producers to re-imagine the earlier Desert Dwellers chill yoga tracks into a kaleidoscope of midtempo breaks and ornately textured ambience.

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