Friday, February 1, 2013

When I Am Silent, I Fall Into That Place Where Everything is Music

"When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music" - Rumi

This is for sure, one of my very favorite quotes. The breath is a conduit for movement. But it's also a conduit for consciousness. Eckhart Tolle said, "It just takes one conscious breath to justify meditation." It's what we do with that breath, that space, that silence, that offers us the greatest gift. Do we fill it up with noise? With busyness? With Facebooking and Youtube? Or can we perhaps be still and hear the beautiful sounds of silence and how our breath moves within that space. Can we bear witness to that which transpires in that seemingly fleeting moment in time of nothingness.

I am a yogini who enjoys playing music in the classes I teach. The music I play during own practice reflects exactly how I am feeling and it also has the ability to bring to me places I couldn't go without it. Why? Because music is the beat of our heart. It is the blood in our veins. It moves and breathes with us. It raises our vibration and it can bring us to the depths of our deepest emotions. It triggers memories that are new and those that are buried. It brings up stored issues in our tissues, offering us the opportunity to look at them, embrace them and release them.

Science shows that music has the power to heal. Honestly, I am not sure how that works scientifically, but I never claimed to be a scientist. I do know this though: When you are in a pose and you are holding it through discomfort, you are moving through to the other side of that injury, that emotional baggage, your spiritual karma. You can struggle, you can fight it, you can come out of the pose or you can breathe.

You can listen to your breath, enjoying the gentle cadence as it moves miraculously through your body. You can allow your breath to be the only thing you hear. Above the instructor's cueing, above the music, above your own thoughts, there is a place of compelling stillness and synchronicity with all that is.

And that is with the breath.

~ Dana Damara, author * visionary * yogini * spiritual warrior

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