Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello and thank you!

I am also glad to be posting in this blog. I knew it yesterday, when I have completed three months of daily practice, and I felt it was like a nice gift to me.

I appreciate the fact that, besides selling great music, YogiTunes also work with social projects that have Yoga as a transformation tool to bring more happiness into the world. For all that, I feel honored to be writing to this blog.

English is not my mother language, and I apologize for the many mistakes that you will probably notice.

I also dont have such a nice picture as Ricky, nor can I do such a headstand :) As I said above, I have been practicing for three months now. But I am practicing, and I will get there!

YogiTunes still doesn't sell music in Brazil, but I know they're working hard to open up down here! Brazilian people enjoy Yoga and also music (a lot!), and I am pretty sure we are going to be good customers and friends.

What I write here is also available in portuguese (my mother language), at my personal blog.

See you soon!


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