Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meditating in noisy places

Photo: Our iamb-three; the view from my window

I am not a morning person, but I like to meditate in the morning, about 8 or 9 a.m., more or less. Before that only in exceptional days, and by 7a.m. only if I am alone at home and it is sunday, and all the neighborhood is silent.

I live with my parents and sisters at a house in front of a very noisy company, and next to a building under construction.

Trucks come and go and stay in front of our house all the time, and the workers at the next building do their job.

It is in this scenario that I meditate.

And I really do, I can meditate even when things get pretty ugly outside or inside the house.

I just have not yet managed to meditate when my 8-years-old cousin come to visit, but I think that this meditation will only be possible when I reach Samadhi.

It is more than possible to meditate in a noisy, turbulent environment.

I started to meditate when I was 16, 17 years old, in a period of my life when meditation was not a trend topic between my school friends, or in my family, so I have kind of experience in getting in a meditative state even if the circumstances around me are not ideal.

If I waited until everything is silent and perfect around me (and in my life) to start meditating, I would never begin.
It would be great to meditate everyday in front of the sun, the ocean, or between the mountains, with nature around me. But as I cant,

I enjoy the view from my window, that allows me to see a gorgeous sky everyday, a "iamb-tree" always green (picture above), which is beautiful and home to a lot of noisy birds, but they do a"noise" that I like.

To medidate in noisy environments isn't ideal, but sometimes I have also felt that while entering in a meditative state, things around me slowly were calming down, and little by little the silence was set. I prefer to call it a happy coincidence, instead of thinking that I have the "power" to change things like that. But maybe it is a stillness that ressonates with people around me and the silence happens. I dont know.

Sometimes, this "coincidence" doesn't happen, and the noise around goes on, and even gets worst. I continue to meditate even though.

At this circumstances, I say to myself that the noise will always be there, that the world is "in ebullition", and that there is intense activity "outside", and it wont stop so that I meditate better, and it should not stop. It must go on, life is movement, is activity.

But all that activity never hindered anyone to meditate and to practice, and to find inner peace, and it wont hinder me either.

It wont even bother me.


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