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Kevin + Kim

You know those moments in life when you meet those people who just touch you… in a deep, uncharted space inside.. A space that not many are able to access and brush their fingertips upon. They are Ones who has walked just as far along. Ones who know and see. Precious gemstone radiant eyed creatures that one day, just waltz right on into your life.

Meet my new friends. Kevin and Kim. Better known as Kevin James Carroll and Kim Kinedrsley. Kevin is a musician and kirtan leader throughout Asia and the South Pacific, Kim is a beaming ray of light in a man’s body. They’ve just been added to my list of favorite people. In full devotion to their own hearts and the hearts of others.

As a recent addition to the Bali community, I have just met these two wonderous beings. Kevin and Kim have been leading kirtan circles at their private residence once a week for the community to come together and sing. No charge, no rules, no nothin. Just shoes off at the front door and donation bowl by offering. Some nights it’s been as many as 300 people.

I got to sit down with them the other day and have a little chit chat. Here’s a little melody of how our conversation sang…

I started to play a note and it just sung to me… I’m just being funneled by God… not too much responsibility for my life of what I do. I just follow my heart before worldly ambition. That seems to be the choice that I make when I’m struck at a cross roads. It puts me back on track. My path has been pretty steady and refines itself as I get older..

The inner pull is the connection I have with my heart, I bow to that first. I can give up petty desires to the will of the heart. The less I follow it the more suffering I encounter, I suppose. I’m aware and I’m courageous enough to have the faith even though the rewards are not immediate. I don’t separate my path, my elightenment, my seva, my mission on Earth to my desire to free myself as well as others…

Why through song? You can only ask God that question. I’m not just here to chant. That could change tomorrow. I’m coming out of ten years from separation from society. Unplugged. I was about to get really big but there was something not ripe inside of me. I had to grow into it and cultivate whatever it was within some more.

I go where I’m needed the most. If enough people are asking me to come it’s probably where I’ll go. It’s all organic, there’s no method. It’s all synchronicity and love. If I can see that it’s really helping them, that’s when I go. I don’t really follow method, it’s not really the Truth. The heart is the Guide. The heart is the definite yes or no to know.

I get a tingley feeling— it’s a good feeling that’s not a rational thought beyond reason. If I’m at an intersection, I go the route that feels better. You take the perfection wherever you go. I have an inner knowing that I can’t do the wrong thing. One can follow neurotic thoughts or follow the heart, the intelligence to life all around us. It’s a fluid thing… everyday…

I am being taught. I unfold a different chapter everyday. I will use anything around me to strengthen my inner connection. I can be inspired by this view. I can just be on the balcony and be present, just be completely immersed in the moment and allow spontaneous consciousness to arise. Notice everything around me, the smell, the sounds, the details.

Our relationship… I love Kim because he can do things that I can’t do. But when we come together, we are so powerful.

I’m in love with the music. The energy that comes through me while we sing… we realize that together we can do more of what we want to do in this world. Not a single moment of conflict between us.

Ultimately, the purpose: Find my heart. Find my highest of High. What a sacred journey to awaken here. Love. Love is so ambitious, so present, so real, so profound. A man made of salt, searching for the sea. That’s my path. The love inside of me. The more I so that the more I dissolve into love. It seems to be a process. I’m not afraid of that. I don’t know if it always will be. I’m life a river that is getting stronger and stronger… other people coming.. raging river… there is an excitement… no one wants to leave. A state of complete stillness, completeness, wholeness, connectedness. And I share that with everyone in the room.

And that is pricesless. In my opinion, I feel like I am sharing with people the most precious gift— better than anything material. For some it’s a glimpse, a taste, a state that may even last for days… and then we step back into the world of disconnectedness / separateness…

What we do here is create an island for them to come and rest. To remember the Truth of their Being. The Truth of themselves. We’re not offering salvation. There’s healing that happens, for sure. It’s really just about everyone’s own experience.

Why do I do it? CUZ I LOVE IT! There’s nothing I love more! It’s my passion. I really do it for myself. The more I love myself the more I can share my love with everyone else.

Direct experience, pure channeling with this light. We invite these people to come here and they’re having a direct experience with their own Divinity. No dogma, no religion, no guru. It doesn’t interfere with anything, it doesn’t impose.

Spirituality has been way too marketed. Look what it is over there. I’m experimenting with— the more divine the space, the fire, the food, the offering… and expect nothing in return. People can walk into this space and have this and no one’s asking them for anything.

People have said “it was like I was in the desert… I went straight back into the divine… ecstatic, expanded, grounded, open.."

WE CAN GET SO FU*KING HIGH WITH THIS. All of that sh*tty suffering will just fall away. It won’t last.

People are having experiences from chanting similar to Ayahuasca or DMT. All we’re doing is giving people permission to be themselves and follow their hearts. There’s no activism, pushing, violence. None of that works.

They cannot compete with this expression of Love. Accept it, allow it, just create what you want and make it so beautiful that everyone wants to be a part of it.

With this, we’re giving people simple, melodic, structure, but you sing the song together from the getgo, everyone finds their way in. there might be different harmonies, sometimes even different words… it’s evolved kirtan. It’s evolved into something even more free. Kevin’s leading it, but you’re the one who’s being led.

Someone said to me the other night, “I felt included.”

That’s music to my ears. We tell the musicians to have a night off and sing with us. Let’s sing together. We’re refining a context of what we know works. Everyone’s feeling that expansive loving community.

It’s a loving loving loving LOVE exercise. The key word is connection.

Through the singing, we connect. The disconnection of society, distructive behavior of themselves, to the world, or even worse to each other… Being connected to a bigger picture that’s not just driven for a separate self. We’re working from a whole. The separation journey is coming to an end. And with all of that is happening in the world, at least we’re having a good time! It’s blissful. It’s definitely not serious.

It’s wild. It’s also free, respectful and orderly. It’s everything. The light. Divinity. It’s a very pure expression of it. It’s sound. There are words involved. Om. Allah. Shiva. Simple chorus. Vibration. Tapping into the Source of Light is a HIGH.

Doing this together to drop into the light. The Earth feels it. We’re rippling it out. We know it’s having an effect. We can see it. We’re surrounded, bombarded by the fearful aspects of out nature—it’s actually a lie. We become a generator for the light.

The circle means equality. There is much emphasis being part of the circle. The candles, the flowers, the cushions… it’s all a part of the circle.

DIVINITY. This bliss and this light is YOU. We are the expression of the Source. We are the light. Kevin’s channeling it for himself. I’m just being myself and having a great time. It’s coming from inside of me. I am the light. I am the beginning and middle road and there is no end.. there is no fear. Whoever would have thought we could have achieved this just by singing together in a circle? But it seems to be true.

The whole world is reverent and irreverent. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot have deep and profound without humor. Yin yang principle. profound teacher of the way of things. There’s always a circle. Drum. Indigenous tribes— the form is universal, it’s timeless. We’ve always been doing it, we just forgot.

People are remembering something that’s in their DNA. There are ways to wake it up and we’re finguring it out. The more we do it, the more we celebarate it.

What’s exciting about it is, we can’t go back to the old once the new has awakened. Now: it’s universal, a little bit of this, a little bit of that—there’s not dogma, no sepateness, it’s Sufi, it’s Muslim, it’s Hallelujah, it’s Christian, it’s Buddha, there is no limitation. One Tribe, One Humanity, One Religion.

It’s not based on beliefs. It’s about internalizing God now. Looking in. We’ve been trapped in a divided consciousness for too long. WHOLENESS. GOD. TRUTH. As seen as part of OURSELVES.

THIS is the new religion. LOVE. Love is the new religion.

Kim and the the Dalai Lama… 

“Is it possible that I could have incarnated as a dolphin in a man’s body?” 

And the Dalai Lama replies… 
“Of course! I am a butterfly in a man’s body!”


And P.S. Be sure to check out Kevin’s Album, ONE. My favorite song on it is Asatoma. Will ring beauty to your ears, I promise. Music that is healing, relaxing, to play in yoga class or while practicing, ambient...this song has been on repeat as my current playlist.

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