Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At the Edge of the Ocean

I have heard this music before, saith the body.- by Mary Oliver
Sound--the waves of the ocean, the heartbeat of our lover, a child's laughter--speaks directly to our body.  It is not our rational mind that listens, but our wise, remembering body.  Music moves awareness from our rational, thinking brain into our intuitive moving body.  Music evokes emotion, awakens awareness and invites us to a more expansive and present state of being.  Asana also moves through our bodies in this way.  These body mudras evoke a deep remembering within us.  As we take these archetypal shapes we remember within ourselves the strength and stability of a mountain, the steady oceanic rhythm of ujjayi breath, the spontaneous uplifting of the victorious warrior. And through this dance, we return to our original states of being, before our thoughts, before our history, even before we existed, these states of being existed.  And through music, or through our practice, sometimes through both, we are moved--moved out of our contracted individual consciousness into states of being that are transpersonal.  United through vibration in a present moment reality, we transcend our individual story and move together in a collective wisdom and natural intelligence, remembering our deepest potential.
~ Gioconda

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