Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dana Damara: Manohara surya

Reminding us that we all have that beautiful illumination within us. And once we move and breathe, it comes alive and to the surface.

Dana Damara is a dynamic, inspirational woman who embodies the balance between strength and grace. Combining her life experiences with a dedicated yoga practice, she owns and operates a welcoming yoga studio, facilitates transformative workshops and leads her yoga teacher training/spiritual development program. Author of Oms from the Mat; Dana takes yogic philosophies and translates them so that everyone reading her book can benefit from the power of yoga; whether they practice or not.

Dana believes that everyone is a yogi in training and that we all are born to serve. We are able to share our gifts with the world once we embrace all aspects of ourselves with love, compassion and complete acceptance. This, she believes, happens with the power of a committed and dedicated yoga practice.

She believes that yoga is a lifelong practice that shifts and transforms along with the flow of our own life. Every time we step onto our mat, we are seeing ourselves from a different perspective because we are different - always changing. We are offered the opportunity daily to meet ourselves where we are at while being open to stretching beyond what we believed to be our limits. Breathing is vital to our survival; movement is essential to optimal living; and awakening is crucial to the expansion of the world around us.

She can be found on any given day practicing yoga, playing with her daughters, and writing or teaching in her hometown of Vancouver, Washington.

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