Saturday, July 21, 2012

Full Moon Yoga Flow: by Jamie Bechtold

I originally designed this playlist for a juicy full moon hip opening vinyasa flow. The intention is to enjoy the experience of flowing with breath.

My intention is to help people experience more joy in their every day lives. I do this through my passion for sound (especially in the form of gongs) and yoga. I hold sound baths which are concerts with planetary gongs and crystal singing bowls and also combine it with yoga and other healing modalities. I also do private sound healing sessions with gongs, bowls, tuning forks, and voice. I have been doing healing work professionally since 2004 and love every minute of it! I learn more and more every day and am always experimenting and learning new ways that sound can assist in the healing process. I am positive that sound and yoga can help almost everyone live a more joyful, balanced, and peaceful life.

My path in healing began when I took my first Yoga class in 2000. It happened to be a Kundalini class and the teacher played a gong at the end of class. The sound of the gong drew me in and I started going to class just to hear it. A few years later I attended a retreat in Brazil which ignited my love for sound and movement. After the retreat I became a massage therapist and incorporated sound healing in shortly after. I found that the addition of sound to massage deepened the effects tremendously. In 2009 I completed a 200 hr yoga teacher training with Christy Marsden of Yoga Blend and have been teaching "yoga and sound" classes ever since.

I have studied with many amazing teachers and am grateful for everyone of them. I am always looking to further my knowledge of sound, yoga, and the healing arts and each workshop, class, or session I give incorporates all that I have learned. If you have any questions about what I do please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful day!

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