Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adri Kyser @ Yogavibes!

One of the beautiful perks that come with this particular job is that I keep being introduced to amazing teachers all across the country who are doing unique things with yoga and happen to have a passion for music. How cool is that?

Adri Kyser is one such teacher, and her recent videos created for YogaVibes were an awesome opportunity for us to work together a little more closely in providing a special selection of music that she could teach to in the videos. 

She created 2 classes, Awaken to the Flow and Backbends: Open to your Highest Potential. The music in both classes is 100% YogiTunes music and available for purchase as separate playlists for each video. Click here to check out the playlists: AWAKEN & BACKBENDS 

Read below for class descriptions, and for links to check them out at!

Awaken to the Flow

Join Adri during this dynamic and energetic Prana Flow® class. You will be encouraged to let go of your inhibitions, allowing you to find the natural and innate flow of your breath and personal practice.

Adri will guide you through a series of hip openers, core work, arm balances and fluid movements that will awaken your body to the flow of Prana - Universal Consciousness. The purpose of this class is to help you let go of the thinking mind and to soften and surrender as you let your breath and the Flow of Prana guide every movement.

Awaken to the Flow is open to all levels as Adri offers several stages or kramas suitable for every practitioner. You can visit her free vignettes instructional videos here at yogavibes.

Backbending: Opening to your Highest Potential

Join Adri as she guides you through this slower pace Prana Flow® class. During this lunar flow, we will explore a series of heart opening poses opening to our highest potential. We will work on opening the chest, shoulders, and hips to release and let go of stiffness and tightness while strengthening the back side of the body to bring balance and equanimity. You will become more receptive and in tune to your internal rhythms as you shift your awareness from the outer world to your heart center.

This class is open to all levels as Adri offers a series of options and stages suitable for every yoga practitioner. You can visit her free instructional videos here at yogavibes....

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