Thursday, December 29, 2011

Transparency Tk 2

Hi everyone!  I wrote a transparency blog post a few weeks ago then pulled it down to rethink and reword. I really appreciate the support that people who read it sent in as these first few months of operating haven't been without their challenges.

As we try to create a website dedicated to the music of yoga we find ourselves humbled by the immense effort it takes to launch a company. The support and excitement we've received has been amazing... and for that we're eternally grateful. But at this point the challenges seem endless.
Funding is of course hard to come by... many investors see the profit margins of digital music to be too small for their interests. Describing the big picture takes time and patience... many months can be spent with a potential investor only to have them decide to back away from investing.

Website bugs are tricky little critters! We've had some critical issues that everyone says is par for the BETA course, beta meaning that we're still in an open testing phase of our launch. Regardless of the reassurance I get, it's still hard knowing some people have had a frustrating time browsing our site. My deepest and most sincere apologies! We hope you understand and come back to enjoy the vibes soon...
On the positive side, my co-founder Amani Friend has done an incredible job of filling the site with almost 10,000 hand-picked albums from all over the world. Legally licensed with 70% of the profits going to the artists, it was a monumental undertaking for him which he did all on a sweat equity basis. Both he and my other co-founder Craig Kohland then went through and picked out a wide array of the best opening, building, peak, cool down and relaxation songs for teachers to use in making playlists. To my knowledge this has never been done before in the history of modern yoga music. It's truly a triumph.

We've also been blessed in the past two months with an amazing array of advisors, industry experts, marketing gurus, tech wizards and other timely angels. Their sole, soul mission seems to be simply to lend a helping hand and ask for nothing in return. Can't argue with that!

Finally, Craig did an amazing job these past few months of bringing the YogiTunes team to 3 very important festivals: Wanderlust Tahoe, Bhaktifest and Earthdance Northern California, where he created the first ever 'Yoga For Peace' event. All three festivals were an excellent opportunity for YogiTunes to get out to the people in a living, breathing way that serves us as much as it does the company. What, there are real people out there? I thought I was just relating to a digital world through my 24" monitor.

So that's it for now folks... more to come on the transparency tip soon!

Written by Alex King-Harris here, CEO of YogiTunes (aka Rara Avis)

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