Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yogi Karaoke: The Greatest Car Concert Ever

The first thing you need to know is that I totally rock the house with my car concerts. I’m the person that you give strange looks to at the stop light. I’m beating the drum of the steering wheel, expressing the soul of the song through weird facial contortions, and if the window is down – you will hear me belting out my bhakti.

Yoga music, and especially devotional chanting has been my main yoga practice during my recent period of intense travel. I love to have a good sing-along and it occurs to me that the holidays are a time when everyone needs a great playlist to jam in the car before contemplating the endless “Is Yoga a Religion?,” questions that often creep up from concerned family members.

Fortunately, this holiday, YogiTunes is ready and able to supply you with the music you need to save your sanity. My own personal offering is a playlist dedicated to my favorite songs to car karaoke. The MC Yogi groove, Krishna Dub Remix (featuring Jai Uttal and Sharon Gannon), has been a saving grace for me through this time of busy-ness. In fact, the entire Elephant Power album is “singable” and would be a great addition for any YogiTunes road trip.

I’m always on the lookout for great, sing-along songs. What are some of your favorite sing-along YogiTunes? If we cultivate the intention, hopefully we will see Bhakti Yoga Car Concerts at every stoplight in America and BEYOND!

-Written by Kirsten Hedden, who teaches at Namaste Wellness Studio in Peoria, IL


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