Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music to Make Love to?

Recently, when I created a Facebook ad to help spread the word about music that's great for love making, I was DENIED by Facebook (twice) for using inappropriate language. Are you kidding me? Few things are sacred in the world these days... Facebook has been accused of everything from data mining to allowing hate groups to proliferate, but I can't advertise music that helps people have better sex?

Something we get a lot of from our fans is the following quote: "I use your music to make love to all the time. I just put it on repeat and it helps me and my partner drop deeply into a space of intimacy and love."

As artists, we couldn't ask for a better blessing... deep relaxation and embodiment being the goal for our music, love making is the ultimate expression of both. How honored we are to be a supportive energy in helping people connect in this beautiful, essential way.

Thus was the birth of Sensual Sutras. A series of special playlists sequenced specifically for making love to.  Seriously... I had no idea Mark Zuckerberg was such a prude!

Perhaps it's the way in which big sites like this have to create broad sweeping protocols to reduce the likelihood that a 12 year old wil be turned on to 'adult' content while trying to 'Like' his favorite new band. Who knows...

I just wish we didn't live in such a world of paradox when it comes to sexual content. The stuff you'd rather not see is always staring you in the face... asking you to click here, join this, watch this, absorb yet another inappropriate image of some plasticated human being and their artificially hyped reality.

It makes it very hard for the really good stuff, that promotes safety, connection, integrity and positivity to get through.

Please Facebook, allow me to promote Music to Make Love to, or Music to Enhance Your Love Life, or however else I want to say it, because at the end of the day I'm a trustworthy source who has countless fans out there who already endorse the music we make for this very purpose. So I of course want to turn on more - pun intended.

With that being said, check out this awesome Sensual Sutras Playlist!

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