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Crystal Light Bath

Yoga Music Therapy is something very dear to me. I personally took a 2 year apprenticeship in this amazing work when I was fresh out of music school, under the tutelage of then VancouverIsland based yoga teacher David Goulet.

His mastery of relaxation music, frequency, breathing techniques, yoga and diet helped many terminally ill people to heal themselves rapidly.

So when I bumped into my friend Ariana Sivan at a recent visit to Harbin Hot Springs, I was of course delighted to hear that she was offering something called a Crystal Light Bath. It works of the same philosophy that yoga music therapy does: Our energy centers have specific frequencies that they resonate at and can be brought back into alignment in a similar way that one would tune a musical instrument.

The following Q&A takes us a little deeper into the world of Crystals and how they can help bring balance and rejuvenation in such challenging and often stressful times.

Q: What is a Crystal Light Bath?
A: A Crystal Light Bath has 7, clear and highly-polished, cut-quartz crystals suspended about 10” above an individual lying on a massage table fully-clothed. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and aligned above each energy center or chakra. Colored lights, matching the chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra, and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies. The one receiving the session rests face up, with eyes closed, bathing in the energy for 30-60 minutes.

Q: What’s it like to receive a session?
A: There are all types of experiences from the deeply profound to the most subtle energy shifts. It can range from a soothing meditation and deep rest to profound inner revelation, and even all in one session. Your system attunes to the high frequencies of energy that support healing at all levels; mental reprogramming, emotional rewiring, physical reconstructing and spiritual recharging. This work has a growing impact on health & consciousness with its inter-dimensional effect - a feeling of lightless of being. The vibrational patterns may manifest as higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Also, on a physical level, sometimes old injuries or surgeries are revisited to give healing energy to those areas, so there may be some slight discomfort, yet generally it passes fairly quickly.

Q: Where did it originate?
A: The concept of the Crystal Light Bath was channeled to Joao Teixeira de Faira, affectionately known as John of God, who had it developed for practical use & incorporated it as an important healing modality at his healing center, Casa de Dom Inacio (The Casa) in Abadiania, Brazil. It is prescribed for rejuvenation, alignment & balancing of our energy fields, which in turn, aids in the process of spiritual & physical healing. This allows deeper, more subtle energies to be brought in balance, allowing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to function as they were designed to do.

Q: What are the scientific observations on Crystal therapy?
A: Crystals have some of the highest molecular orderliness found in nature. Light passing through the crystal will resonate with the structured patterns of the crystal. Water can take on a variety of molecular patterns. It is known that when water forms well organized and geometrically shaped molecule patterns, it has increased surface tension and bonding properties. This is the pure state of water found in healthy cell tissue, while ungeometric and disorganized water molecules are found in unhealthy cells and cancer cells. Thus, one explanation for the health giving effects of crystal therapy is that the well organized vibration resonating from the crystals helps to organize the water in our tissues and cells. Much of our understanding of crystal therapy was developed by Marcel Vogel, who spent his lifetime investigating quartz crystals. He designed experiments demonstrating the power of crystals to affect physical processes.

The experiments of Vogel and his associates proved the following:

* A precisely cut quartz crystal produces a constant vibration of the same frequency as water in its purest state.

* Moving water will pick up the vibration from the crystal through resonant interaction and this transferred charge will restructure the water.

* A cut crystal can be charged with intent to structure water. Since we are made up of 80-90% water this carries extremely strong implication for how our health can be affected.

Q: Who can benefit?
A: Everyone. That’s the beauty of it.

Q: When is it not recommended?
A: Never. The session is non-invasive and has no contra-indications.

Comments about the Crystal Light Bath…
-"Feel renewed, balanced & deeply relaxed."
-"Its mystical innate wisdom gives me exactly what I require every time!"
-"I felt my chakras vibrating and the energy emerging through my entire body."
-"I could feel the integration of my body, mind, spirit, & so gently."
-"Arose with a slight tingling sensation at the end which I can liken to feeling slightly more “alive”"

John of God, Casa De Dom Inacio, Brazil

Ariana’s Crystal Light Bath can be experienced at the world renowned Harbn Hot Springs. A worthwhile visit for anyone looking to relax, restore and realign.

And of course, Ariana is a BIG MUSIC FAN given that we here at YogiTunes also deal in healing frequencies of vibrational goodness. Check out her list of recommendations:
Interview by YogiTunes Co-Founder/CEO Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis)

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