Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amy Haysman: Sounds that Ground Kids and Teens

This playlist is appealing and engaging for kids and teens. The songs follow the natural energy flow of a yoga class, beginning with a meditation and ending with relaxing music for Savasana.

Amy's yoga practice began in 1995 and soon revealed itself as the answer in her quest to feel better, experience life more fully and participate in making the world a more joyful place. Amy is the co-grounder of Grounded:yoga.laughter.elevation. Her life's work and passion is grounding kids and teens. Noticing that the parents in their lives often need to be grounded too, she began teaching Grown-Up yoga classes in 2009.

She holds a Masters Degree in Middle Grades Education and taught Middle School Literature and Social Studies. Amy is a Certified Anusara Inspired ERYT 200. Her affinity toward great stories is often reflected in her Grounded and adult yoga class themes. Her two teenage boys, fiery partner and a happy little Labradoodle provide plenty of opportunities to fill up with love, laughter and learning so she naturally brings that into her teaching. She believes that teaching yoga is hard work and takes a lot of preparation. She has found that the more effort she puts into planning a lesson that speaks to the highest of each person's being, delivering a Universal message, not theming around what's age popular, the deeper her students go. She is committed to teaching kids and adults how to ground themselves so they have the security to elevate to their absolute highest potential.

Amy's ambition is to always be a student and a teacher. She is proud to have studied and worked with amazing teachers such as Marsha and Don Wenig and Shakta Kaur Khalsa in the world of kids yoga. She is grateful to have trained under Mitchel Bleier and David and RuthAnn Aukamp and continues to study Anusara Yoga and Tantric Yoga philosophy with Gina Minyard, Douglas Brooks, Sianna Sherman and other internationally recognized Certified Anusara teachers including, of course, John Friend.

Amy's website:

Studio's where she teachers: Springs Yoga, Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center, Schools around Atlanta.

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