Saturday, June 30, 2012

MC Yogi: Pilgrimage

MC Yogi is back with another super action packed bhakti-ful release!  This album was inspired by a trip to India on which MC Yogi realized that we all yearn for a spiritual journey or pilgrimage in our lives.  Great record for the soundtrack of your life’s awakening~!

MC Yogi grew up painting graffiti & listening to hip hop. Inspired by artists like The Beastie Boys & Run DMC, he began writing raps & freestyling for friends at house parties. Spending most of high school in a group home for at-risk youth, hip hop culture provided both a soundtrack & a creative outlet. Then at age eighteen, he discovered yoga.

A full time yoga teacher & performing artist MC Yogi combines his knowledge of yoga
with his love for hip hop music creating an exciting new sound that brings the wisdom
of yoga to a whole new generation of modern mystics, truth seekers, and urban yogis.

Amanda Giacomini is the wife, creative partner, VJ, and organizing Shakti of MC Yogi.
A talented artist and yogini, she travels and performs with MC Yogi internationally
leading workshops that combine yoga with myths, mantras, music and art. Amanda is
also the co-founder of Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes, CA, and has illustrated
an award winning series of children’s books about their dog Mo, called Mo’s Nose.

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