Saturday, June 2, 2012

Extended Play Time: by Damian Chaparro

A gentle warmup, followed by great beats to raise the buddha smiles, and finish with some alpha waves. Best for sweaty flow classes, with meaty middles.

A whirling Sufi mother first introduced Damian to yoga, however not until his late-twenties did he begin teaching. His style is light hearted, and musical. His playlists are often a favorite aspect of his classes.

For several years with the Ashram he hosted holistic health retreats in Los Angeles and Spain. Using that “tough love” template he co-created Chrysalis Retreats, a five-day alternative vegan boot camp with legendary results. Damian now lives in New Zealand where he is building an permaculture based retreat center called Aro Ha. It will provide an archology based platform for the international community to teach, learn, and transition.

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