Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sacred Heartbeat: Chloe Park

For all y'all soul dwellers. Deep Bass + Mantra = HEAVEN. Close your eyes and feel it.

Chloe is dedicated to serving the teachings of Yoga to provide fellow seekers with the tools of self healing, growth and unlocking the well of their infinite potential. Also a healing practitioner, her yoga classes incorporate the fundamentals of CranioSacral therapy into the physical practice as well as skeletal alignment and self energetic attunement. Chloe will take you on a journey with her dynamic, heartfelt, engaging way of sharing her own personal practice. Her style evolves as her practice evolves, as she believes in being a student first, teacher second. Her guided mediation classes are available for those who are interested in exploring the more subtler realms of consciousness. All classes are intended to provide for a more neutral and easeful state of being while dancing between the threshold of structure and flow-- not just in the classroom, but more importantly, throughout the course of one’s own life.

Chloe currently lives in Ubud, Bali, sharing her love for the Path of Yoga with all whom she may encounter. A practitioner of Neelakantha Meditation, she lives in devotion to her spiritual practice. Receiving darshan from Ram Dass, Ammachi and Paul Muller Ortega, she hopes to serve the teachings in a way that embodies what she has deeply received from her own teachers. Also a public speaker on Spirituality and Consciousness, writer for MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal, she hopes to bring forth the spiritual teachings in a practical and integrated manner to assist in the unfolding of your moment to moment, everyday life.

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