Saturday, June 16, 2012

Deya Dova: Jasmani Garden

Australian singer Deya Dova uses her voice in the most incredible way.  It’s so unique that you have to listen to it in order to get the transmission…

A stunningly original and experimental vocal looping album, sung in Dey’a own unique language of vowels and syllables. The Jasmani Garden is a mostly acapella offering with sprinklings of ambient sound scapes. The songs journey through flavours from around the globe, traversing tribal chant and trance and resonating with Arabic, African, Asian, Aboriginal and Balkan scales.

"These songs carry the spirit and sensuality of music that is free and fresh.” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE – JASLYN HALL

“Deya is remarkable because she is totally unique. She seems to draw on a wellspring of musical and cultural ideas which appear to have parallels in a variety of indigenous traditions yet are also part of her very own colorful and rich mythology.” SEBASTIAN FLYNN – QLD MULTI CULTIRAL FESTIVAL

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